Gem Lane Project

Gem lane project is a development in Kileleshwa on Gem lane behind Mandera road in Nairobi. Gem lane is a very quiet place away from the busy roads.

The project will comprise of seventy two 2-bedroomed units with master ensuite and a luxurious twenty four one bedroom apartments. The one bedrooms will be ensuite with a balcony to watch the sun set in the evening. The two bedrooms will be approximately 105 square meters while the one bedroom will be approximately 70 sqm. The development will have a swimming pool, a gym and a sauna. It will have ample parking . It will be finished beautifully and made very attractive.

At shillings nine million five hundred thousand (sh.9.5m) for the two bedrooms and six million five hundred thousand for the one bedroom off plan the price is extremely attractive as the price when complete will be much higher. The capital gains is not the only good thing about the project. For those who want to retain for long term, the short term accommodation for local and international visitors is very attractive in that area. The returns for the accommodation are very high given its short distance from the City Centre. We will guide you on the furnishings, and even run it for you for a small agreed fees. The costing of the project is attached below




Area sqm No
1 bedroom with master ensuite                        70.00 24
2 bedroom with master ensuite                      105.00 72
Cost per sqm                55,000.00
Construction cost 1 bedrm           3,850,000.00
Total cost for all 3bedrms         92,400,000.00
Construction cost 2 bedroom           5,775,000.00
Total cost for all 2 bedrooms       415,800,000.00
Total construction cost       508,200,000.00
land owner requirement         40,000,000.00
SUPERVISION FEES       108,000,000.00   616,200,000.00
Cost of land  
Total project cost       656,200,000.00
Total area 1 bedrooms                   1,680.00
Total area 2 bedrooms                   7,560.00
Total apartment area                   9,240.00
Percentage of built up area for owner                        0.225
Area to be allocated land owner                   2,079.00
Area that will pay construction cost                   7,161.00
cost per SQ  meter                86,049.43
Total cost of 2 bedroom           9,035,190.62 say 9.5m
Total cost of 1 bedroom           6,023,460.41 say 6.5m
On booking a slot           1,000,000.00        1,500,000.00
within three months              500,000.00        1,000,000.00
on ground breaking           1,000,000.00           500,000.00
Equal monthly payments over 30 months           4,000,000.00        6,500,000.00
TOTAL           6,500,000.00        9,500,000.00