An Appealing Concept:

TOFINA is a very appealing concept for the following reasons:

    • Buyers get a house almost at cost and immediately can make huge capital gains. The value of the first project on completion was three times the money each buyer spent  in terms of land purchase and construction cost. This is because TOFINA sources materials and engages  a contractor on labour only basis.
    • Buyers get to decide on all aspects of the project, including design, architects and engineers. Meetings are called regularly but the Tofina directors in consultation with facilitating committee handle the day to day matters.
    • Buyers are drawn from both inside and outside the country. Current external (outside the country) buyers include those people working for the UN and other international bodies while internal (inside the country) buyers are drawn from businessmen/women, civil servants, private sector employees, NGO staffers, Multinational staffers, self employed among others..
    • Financing the project allows buyers to source for funds with minimum pressure. Money required urgently is for the purchase of land. After the land is purchased, Buyers can have some breathing space to source for the construction funds as the approvals are sought from the relevant authorities such as City council, NEMA etc. Buyers agree on the construction timetable and payment remittance installation frequency. Depending on the nature and size of the project, the normal project period is between 18 and 24 calendar months..
    • One can avoid the huge interest amounts that are payable on mortgages by using a combination of savings and borrowing..
    • Buyers get to own very beautiful houses in the up market areas by joining TOFINA ROM.

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